Over the years we've worked with multiple design agencies to develop each version of and blast every email to their loyal fan base.  The agency provides the artwork.  Element Code writes the code, delivers the goods and ensures everything stays race ready.

We also work closely with their Marketing, Ticketing and Media Relations departments to facilitate any additional web, mobile app or technical requirement.  These projects have included everything from building an interactive 3D model of the facility to coding custom viral marketing apps.

Website Development, Maintenance and Hosting

Website Development, Maintenance and Hosting

The current iteration of their website is built on the Sitefinity platform and includes scores of custom modules that perform varied functions to meet their exacting standards.  All content on the site, as well as all data it collects, is housed within highly available SQL Server instances.  The host server farm is designed to scale up and out quickly to facilitate the heavy traffic generated during each of their 3 major race weekends or the occasional marketing blitz.

Email Campaign Management

Email Campaign Management

To date we have delivered over 4,500 email campaigns for Texas Motor Speedway using our own proprietary email delivery platform.  It tracks and collects extensive metrics for each campaign, then presents them in real time within a secure mobile app and web page.

Android Mobile App for Data Collection

Mobile App for Data Collection

Texas Motor Speedway collects vast amounts of consumer and prospect data online, as well as offline.  Recently, they ran into a snag while collecting information at an event where the Internet connection was sparse at best, rendering their website forms useless.  They challenged us to write a mobile app that could collect the data without an Internet connection, then transmit it to their system when a stable WiFi hot spot was available.  In short order, we delivered an Android app designed to run on their existing devices, which is fully integrated with their existing CRM and email campaign platforms.

Business Data Analytics

Business Analytics

It stands to reason that if we're going to collect and store their data, we better offer a way for Texas Motor Speedway's managers and executive to easily view it.  We use Power BI for this task.  It allows us to connect to multiple data sources, then normalize it to create beautiful reports with up-to-date information that's easy to read and convenient to access.

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