YFYJupiter is an international brand design packaging company. They work with some of the worlds largest brands to engineer, design and manufacture packaging.  As an affiliated company, we work closely with their design team as part of our normal routine.  They are all stellar designers and we were excited to leverage their creativity in designing a new website.  But as any web UI/UX designer knows, design for fixed sized objects like packaging is not the same as designing a dynamic, responsive online experience.

Fortunately those guys are quick studies and took to interactive design like a Cubs fan to winning the World Series.  The results are spectacular and the project was a lot of fun.  Since then we've done several interactive projects together including an Android mobile app which allows their sales associates to present work wirelessly to any HDTV or projector.  

More on that below...

Responsive Website Design, Development and Hosting

Responsive Website Design, Development and Hosting

YFYJupiter's new responsive website was developed on the Umbraco open-source CRM platform using a highly available SQL Server instance as their database layer.  As an affiliate company, they're able to take advantage of hosting the new site within our secure and scalable web farm.  Since they are a global company with clients all over the world, their website never sleeps.  The built-in redundancy of our server farm guarantees the site remains up, 24/7/365.

Android Mobile App for Sales Presentations

Mobile App for Sales Presentations

When Sean Murphy (CCO of YFYJupiter) calls, you never really know what's about to go down.  But you can bet your bottom dollar you're about to hear some full-on right-brain creative thought.  

This time it went something like this, "David, I'd like our sales associates to have a way to show clients everything we do, with examples that apply to that client."  He continued, "I want our guys to be able to easily customize presentations. We can't assume they'll have access to WiFi or the Internet during their presentation. And they need to be able to show it on any TV or projector the client has, without cables.  I also don't like the idea of bringing our own projector; too much clutter."  

With over 20 sales associates, we chose the Android platform as a cost consideration over iPads.  Working out the details of displaying the presentation to any TV or projector took some trial and error.  But it's now simple enough to do, even for a technophobe.  If you'd like to know more...

SEO, PPC and Email Campaign Management

SEO, PPC and Email Campaign Management

Once the site was launched, we dove right into getting it optimized for search engine placement (SEO).  Earning organic traffic is an ongoing process requiring hours of research and endless content tweeks to get real results.  But the benefits in added sales are proving to far outweigh the costs.  Pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns have certainly helped, too.

We've also started them on creating regular and poignant emails to stay in front of their current and previous customers. Results from our SEO and PPC efforts are beginning to outweigh the attrition rate due to opt outs.

Website and Email Campaign Analytics

Web, Ad Placement and Email Campaign Analytics

Numbers don't lie.  Without the ability to analyze the metrics created from various marketing efforts and platforms, we would have no way of knowing what works, and what doesn't.

This is where Power BI shines.  It allows us to connect to multiple data sources, then normalize the data to create beautiful reports with up-to-date data that are easy to read and convenient to access and share.

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