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Specializing in the Functional Aspects That Make it All Happen

Web Development Capabilities & Specialties

Element Code specializes in homologating all creative, functional and business aspects for any given project into a single, easily digested solution. We spend a great amount of time consulting with our clients through the course of one project to the next, plotting next steps while delivering solid solutions.

Our goal is to develop long term relationships with our clients.  And we've found the primary way to facilitate this is an iterative development life cycle where everyone is constantly 'in the know' about the project from planning, to development, to launch.


Our Strengths Lie in Four Areas of Expertise

Website Development

Website DevelopmentElement Code is primarily a Microsoft language oriented internet development firm.  In conjunction with custom code, we utilize as many well-documented and well-supported 3rd party controls and platforms as possible when building out a solution. Our experience has proven that a proper combination of managed, open source, and custom code facilitates the greatest 'bang for your buck.' 

Community Building

Community BuildingFrankly, building communities on the web has become one of our favorite types of website projects.  They enable us to flex our prowess as application developers as well as let us work creatively.  The idea is to captivate the audience and give them a place they want to frequent. You can't do that soley with great tools and features.  And you can't do it with good design alone.  It takes the 1-2 punch of mixing form with function; something we're very good at.


SEOIn order to get more eyes on your products & services, it's necessary to get your domain as visible as possible across the Internet while employing ethical search engine optimization tactics.  Over the years, we've learned a great deal about what works and what does not.  Regardless of where you are in the rankings, we'll start by plucking any low hanging fruit that you may not realize are there.  Once those resources are employed, we'll work with you to develop the strategies needed to take you to the next step.

Email Campaigns

Email CampaignsIn collaboration with a few of our clients, Element Code has developed an email delivery and reporting platform with the capability of delivering millions of emails per hour for sustained periods of time. Needless to say, not all of our clients require that much throughput (thankfully), but it's nice to know the capability is there. We are highly adept at sending out regular promotions, newsletters and offers for clients with internal marketing files.

About Element Code

Element Code is an Internet application development firm based in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex. The company was founded in 1996, and has since specialized in working with designers, ad agencies, and in-house marketing groups; turning their concepts & ideas into fully functional websites that attract, inform, and convert visitors. Our core competencies lie in the following technologies:

  • ASP.NET - C# & VB
  • VB Script
  • Javascript
  • CSS
  • Flash
  • IIS
  • SQL Server
  • Community Server
  • Communifire
  • Sitefinity
  • Sharepoint Server
  • Website Creation
  • Email Campaigns
  • Website Hosting
  • Systems Integration
  • Project Planning
  • Search Engine Optimization
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